GoalZero Switch 10 Multi-Tool Kit


  • Smart Power: The GoalZero senses when a device has been fully charged and will automatically stop transferring more power, storing more for later. Prevents harmful overcharging and discharging.
  • Quick Charge: Charges up to max in only 4 hours, whether it's using a USB outlet or a solar panel. Included cables have been specifically constructed for the most efficient charging.
  • Solar, USB or Battery: The GoalZero can be restored to max charge either with the included Nomad 7 solar panel, charging from any USB port, or by replacing the Lithium ion battery.
  • Included Fan and Flashlight: Handy extra tools included for your convenience. Find your way at night with the wide-angle 110 Lumen flashlight and keep yourself refreshingly cool on hot days with the personal fan attachment.
  • Tangle-free Cables: Device cables have been pre-attached on the back of the Nomad 7 to prevent frustrating tangles and unnecessary damage.
  • Instant-on Power: Instant-on technology designed for easy "plug-and-play" power means no waiting for anything to turn on.
  • Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery: Just in case you don't want to charge by USB or by solar, you can simply replace the lightweight, high-power density Lithium ion battery.
  • Battery Capacity: 11Wh, 3000 mAh (3.7V)
  • Solar Capacity: 7W (8-9V)
  • Weight: 1.26 lbs.
  • Recharges By: USB or solar panel

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