Pocket Jumper 400A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter w/ 8,000mAh Battery


  • Ultra Compact and Lightweight: This portable power pack weighs only 8 oz. and is only 5" x 3" x 1" making it small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in your favorite bug out bag, camping gear or survival kit. You'll never even notice you're carrying around that much backup power.
  • Incredibly Dependable: With the ability to jump start a battery 20 times off one charge, this awesome prepper gear is there when you need it...over and over again. This car battery jump starter can also charge a typical cell phone upwards of 4 times on one charge, meaning there should never be a reason you're without the juice to make a call. Not to mention these impressive power banks can hold a charge for up to 6 months at a time! Set it and forget it and you'll still have backup power when you need it thanks to this awesome battery pack. 
  • Built-In High Power LED Flashlight: This awesome prepper gear contains a built-in high power LED survival flashlight with three functions: Normal, Strobe, & SOS (approved by the Coast Guard). 
  • Extremely Versatile: This power pack comes with three different charging options. Charge the portable battery via your car's DC outlet, or a 120 or 240 AV power source. 
  • Smart Cables: These new smart cables protect the unit from over heating.

The Pocket Jumper Portable Car Jump Starter Includes:

  • Power Bank Portable Car Jump Start Pack

  • 2 Carry Bags (1 for Pocket Jumper & Mini Jumper Cables, 1 for Accessories)

  • 12V DC "Cigarette-Lighter" Car Charger Adapter

  • 100-240VAC "Home-Wall" Charger Adapter

  • USB to 4-way Accessory Adapter (Apple 30 Pin, Apple Lightening, Micro USB, Mini USB)

  • Mini Jumper Cables


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